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French Atmospheres seeks to be part of your adventure in passionately creating the ambiance of your home. We offer quality antiques that you can cherish timelessly with your family and transmit to your children.

To share the French heritage in harmoniously embracing the cultures of our two countries - France and our adopted homeland the United Arab Emirates.

To offer you the discovery of the "French touch" while understanding that because you are unique, we must together find the special object that will both bring you pleasure and enhance your interior.

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Valerie Lasorne

My love for the Emirates began on my arrival in Abu Dhabi.

I was impressed by the integration of traditions and modernity underlined by the harmonious cohabitation of cultures.

It prompted a new reflection on French furniture whose style has been influenced in each period by learnings from other cultures. I have also been touched by people’s love of French culture and fashion.

Arriving in Abu Dhabi to launch a new phase in my life, I am seeking to share with my fellow inhabitants of the Emirates my passion for French antiques which began during childhood vacations at my grandparents' chateau in Picardy and continues today when maintaining my ongoing links with France at my family's chateau in Bordeaux.

Sharing with you a piece of my French Heritage


French seats through the centuries

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