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French Atmospheres

Quality antique furniture and items from XVIIIth, XIXth and early XXth centuries carefully selected for you in France.

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Our Collection
French Atmospheres Atelier
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The French

Atmospheres Atelier

Be ready to relish the beauty of French style in your abode with French Atmospheres.

Understanding that luxury is not a simple statement of price but an expression of values and taste, we propose in the same price range as furniture to be found in major stores, authentic French furnishings that manifest a history, a soul, a resplendence, a character.   

Choose for your home a unique piece which communicates your individualism and displays your taste and personality.


So, whether you seek romantic or classic in the traditional French style or prefer a more contemporary or modernized look, Valerie Lasorne and French Atmospheres can create the ambiance you desire to achieve your dream atmosphere at its finest!

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Discovering French Culture Through Furniture

As antique furniture is timeless it evolves and adapts to new fashions and trends. So, I am proud to offer three elegant collections, “Atmospheres” to suit your taste and complement your interior.



“Classic”, inspired by French nobility. Fabrics sourced from France with designs inspired by history to restore pieces to their former glory.



Restoring antique pieces using modern  fabrics from French couturiers and  designers to give them a refreshing  new look


Country Chic

“Country Chic” easy-to-live-with furniture, in pastel colors and soft tones to provide cosy comfort for modern family lifestyles.

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Valerie Lasorne

I have always been passionate about beautiful period furniture from times gone by.  It represents not only decorative pieces but also testimonies to history and culture. Let me share with you my love for French antiques and heritage.

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A word rom the founder
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Perles Rares

Each special piece is beautiful and some are rendered exclusive by their age or rarity. Join our “Exclusive Club” and be among the first to be informed of arrivals of our special pieces chosen to further enhance your interior. As you are exceptional give me the privilege to present to you the exceptional furniture you desire.


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